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Over 37 years of experience, trained team of engineers and machinists and top of the line machinery combine to give you products and services that delight you.

We believe we can manufacture anything you can draw.

NRB manufactures fittings that are used in applications that involve extreme temperatures, purity and high pressures.

Our fittings are used in food, chemical, transportation and other applications in harsh environment.

We have constantly increased our range of products to keep up with our customer’s needs.

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Our Advantages

Financial security that comes with business

Security When it comes

Global presence Support

Accurated Quality

World Class Technology

Buyers Safety

Financial security that comes with business

Quality Risk

We can send you 5 to 20 pcs to check and verify our quality. Advantage: Should a problem occur with our samples, it will be rectified easily thus, before we start producing larger quantities, we are all sure as to what NRB will produce and what our customers will get.

Crimping Risk

We can crimp by calibrating pressure or by mm of movement. As we use a ‘Finn Power’ crimping machine we can crimp by calibrating pressure or by mm of movement as per your requirement.


Orders up to $35,000/- will be Ready for Dispatch in 21 days from receipt of order, we keep the customer informed every 10 days of product status.

Reducing Inventory

NRB has no ‘minimum quantity’ for customers. We understand that some large sizes move slowly and we gladly extend ourselves to accept min. qty. of even 100.

Reducing risk of loss of order

We can crimp by calibrating pressure or by mm of movement. As we use a ‘Finn Power’ crimping machine we can crimp by calibrating pressure or by mm of movement as per your requirement.

What We Assure

An ATTITUDE OF ' QUALITY IS A NECESSARY FUNCTION ' translate into the following actions.

Raw Material

  • 100% Raw material U.V. tested.
  • Hex, length and weight of each rod checked.

Band saw

  • Pieces arranged in the bin to facilitate length variation if any.
  • Total pcs checked against estimated pieces.


  • 100% check in each side of product with a veneer.
  • Pieces arranged in a bin to facilitate length variation if any.


  • As per dimension or pressure.

Ultra Cleaning

  • All S.S. products are ‘ultra cleaned’. Aesthetically, the products look better.

Quality control

  • 100% visual check and critical dimension checks are done.
  • Magnifying glass with light is used if needed.


  • In rainy season, finished goods (especially En1A) are heated in an oven to remove moisture and then packed.

Special attention

  • Stainless steel ferrules are drilled, annealed (to remove stress) and then manufactured.

From 30th May - 2nd June-2022
Hall - 06 Stand F-70/1

Our Infrastructure Facilities

Quality Testing

1. We can provide material test certificates of all the
   raw material we use to manufacture.
2. We UV clean all the stainless steel fittings we manufacture.
3. We manufacture 100% from blanks (bar stock) straight on CNC.
4. 100% quality testing is done before packing with various gauges.


1. We use ‘Finn Power’ crimping machine.
2. ‘Maximator’ pressure test pump.
3. UV cleaning machine for cleaning SS material products.
4. ‘YamazakiMazak’ CNC machines (model QSM100).

Professional metal processing.
Highly experienced & equiped personnel
using top of the line equipment

Year Established: 2008-09
Specializes in: Designing fittings to your specs.
Capability to: partner customer’s Replenishment Program.
If you require fittings of small size with tight tolerance, we would be delighted to serve you. We all look forward to working with you.
NRB Hydraulics Private Limited,
Jyot-dhir Industrial Estate, Gala No-12,
Ground Floor, Building No-4, Raj Industrial Park,
Gauraipada, Vasai East, District - Palghar, 401208
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