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"Buyers Safety" The best quality

Eliminating Product Risk

We can send you 5 to 20 pcs to check and verify our quality. Advantage: Should a problem occur with our samples, it will be rectified easily thus, before we start producing larger quantities, we are all sure as to what NRB will produce and what our customers will get. Please note: Assuming the sample pcs are entirely to you satisfaction they will be billed with the 1st. order

Computerized Crimping

As we use a ‘Finn Power’ crimping machine we can crimp by calibrating pressure or by mm of movement as per your requirement.

Ready for Dispatch On Time & In Full (OTIF)

Orders up to $35,000/- will be Ready for Dispatch in 21 days from receipt of order, we keep the customer informed every 10 days of product status. In the rare case should a problem arise, we will immediately bring this to the customers attention and give them a daily status update.

Reducing Inventory

NRB has no ‘minimum quantity’ for customers. We understand that some large sizes move slowly and we gladly extend ourselves to accept min. qty. of even 100.

Speedy turn around in Emergency cases

Though our promised ‘ready for dispatch’ is 21 days; however, on occasions we have been able to get an order ready in 72 hours for SS material.

Professional metal processing.
Highly experienced & equiped personnel
using top of the line equipment

Year Established: 2008-09
Specializes in: Designing fittings to your specs.
Capability to: partner customer’s Replenishment Program.
If you require fittings of small size with tight tolerance, we would be delighted to serve you. We all look forward to working with you.
NRB Hydraulics Private Limited,
Jyot-dhir Industrial Estate, Gala No-12,
Ground Floor, Building No-4, Raj Industrial Park,
Gauraipada, Vasai East, District - Palghar, 401208
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